Thermoresponsive colloids in cancer therapy

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Samer R. Abulateefeh, Sebastian G. Spain, Jonathan W. Aylott et al.; Macromol. Biosci., 2011, 11, 1722-1734. [DOI]


Many difficulties in treating cancer arise from the problems in directing highly cytotoxic agents to the deseased tissues, cells and intracellular compartments. Many drug delivery systems have been devised to address this problem, including those that show a change in properties in response to a temperature stimulus. In particular, colloidal materials based on thermoresponsive polymers offer a means to transport drugs selectively into tumour tissues that are hyperthermic, either intrinsically or through the application of clinical procedures such as localised heating. In this paper, the key attributes of thermoresponsive polymer colloids are considered, a number of important recent examples are discussed and the possible future developments of these materials are evaluated.